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PRO TIPS for Contact Us Tickets

1) Remove all emotion from the case content other than gratitude and thanks for handling the case. Don’t chastise Amazon for getting something wrong, but do advise if a catalog setup, or other item is incorrect.

2) File on Sunday for content issues. That is Retail Business Systems (RBS) team’s Monday in Hyderabad.

3) Close a case that hasn’t been assigned in over two weeks and reopen it.

4) Always include the email addresses in the CC line for people that can log in to Vendor Central. Use the email address that they log in with.

5) Include the Vendor Manager on the CC line if you are escalating or have a high priority case. Don’t abuse this though. They are busy.

6) Be action oriented as much as possible, and give RBS the solution that you want if you know it.

7) Use Excel spreadsheets for upload files, especially when you are working on a lot of ASINs. Don’t paste long ASIN lists into the body of the case.

8) Always personalize cases with a “Thank You, Your Name.” The people working on these cases value your politeness and you will get better service.

9) Cancel cases with a note if the issue has been solved some other way. Don’t make RBS research to find out the issue is solved when they open the case to work on it. It wastes their time

10) Set a calendar reminder to check your case status to see if it is assigned.

11) Think about how you could solve this yourself with Resource Center information or Help information or a consultant. Many cases should never have been filed.