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Effective Amazon Advertising

Reduce Costs While Optimizing Search Rank

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Leveraging our extensive Amazon Advertising knowledge, and recognized as an Amazon Ads Verified Partner, LCM combines a proprietary algorithm with keywording adjustments to optimize your ads — reducing Average Cost of Sales (ACOS) over time and helping you achieve peak ROI.

Our algorithm-based solution maximizes impression rate for words that convert while minimizing bidding spend. LCM can often improve an existing advertising campaign’s performance by 2% or better.

Amazon Advertising

The LCM Process

Creation & Testing

We'll build an ad campaign that incorporates competitive research (to understand what you're bidding against), creative imagery and tagline guidance, keyword research (for Sponsored Product ads), and A/B comparison testing of multiple Headline ads.


Leveraging our algorithmic system, we'll perform bi-monthly campaign tuning, as well as super-charge search relevancy by making keyword updates to ASIN detail page content. A monthly campaign report and walkthrough will help you understand progress over time and ad performance improvement.


Our AMS experts will work with you to create a quarterly advertising plan, which includes goal setting, budget planning, ASIN analysis for best advertising options, and review of out-of-stock causes.

Human Touch

Ad optimization is based on a lot of math and programmatic work, but there is also a level of art that requires a human touch. Our seasoned advertising team will tweak that final bit of performance necessary to make your products successful.