Amazon Vendor Central Support, Training, & Brand Specialists

Lean Channel Management leverages the experience of former Amazon managers, world-class Amazon-trained content experts, & advertising strategists to help build your brand on the world’s most important retail channel, accelerate sales, and improve profitability.

With over 30 years of combined inside-Amazon and external consulting experience, the LCM team provides seasoned and steady navigation through a jumble of tools, reports, and shifting requirements to help you find success on the journey while also avoiding pitfalls. Learn more about the Lean Channel Management team.

Accelerate Your Amazon Success

Your relationship with Amazon begins by listing your products in either Vendor Central or Seller Central, but that’s just the first step in an ongoing journey. Amazon provides you with the resources to help customers discover your product in the Amazon marketplace, learn if the product will meet their needs, and then describe the value of the product once they have received it.

Lean Channel Management has proven strategies to get traffic to your product pages and deep understanding of how to create compelling content that converts into happy customers and excellent reviews.

Just starting out on Amazon? Growth and profitability are critical to your success. Accelerate your learning with our Amazon Brand Kick Off program.

Established on Amazon and want better results? Amazon Optimization is our specialty and Lean Channel Management has helped brands like yours grow up to 400% faster. Learn more about how we can help you to optimize your Amazon Vendor Central account.

Building Your Brand on Amazon

Amazon customers are always looking for a good deal, but they also search out trustworthy products that they can rely on to add value to their lives. To effectively compete — and even disrupt — established Brands, it’s important to build and reinforce an identity that Amazon customers get to know, trust, and return to for future purchases.

LCM takes a comprehensive view to help you develop your brand presence on Amazon, which includes:

  • Create Traffic — Focus on discoverability through Pay Per Click and Display advertising via Amazon Advertising.
  • Convert Views into Sales — Build detail pages with optimized content (both standard and enhanced A+) and powerful keywords to both establish search relevance and emphasize brand messaging.
  • Improve Profitability — Consult with your team to improve Amazon operational and process navigation.
  • Identify Opportunity — Research Amazon categories and analyze your product catalog to pinpoint both positive and negative outcomes.
  • Onsite Meetings — Seattle-based LCM staff can meet Amazon Vendor Managers on the Amazon campus with you or on your behalf to iron out logistics issues, negotiate advertising deals, and more.