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ECommerce Acceleration


Strategic Brand Planning for the Amazon Marketplace, Operational Consulting,
Content and Advertising Services that Accelerate Brand Success

Navigate Your Amazon Vendor Account With Confidence

Amazon gives you a wealth of resources and tools to help you start selling product on the largest selling platform in the world — representing 5% of all retail sales and 49% of all eCommerce sales.

The trick, however, is navigating the Amazon platform's maze of sales and forecasting reports, item setups, content enhancements, advertising optimizations, and operational updates.

Amazon expects YOU to do it all, while competing with the largest brands in the world backed by huge professional teams with expertise and multi-million dollar ad budgets.

Guess what? YOU can do it!


Six Ways to Accelerate Your Success on Amazon

Create Traffic
Focus on discoverability through Pay Per Click and Display advertising via Amazon Advertising.

Accelerate Discoverability
Rise up in keyword search ranking with Amazon-focused SEO, great content, customer reviews, and sales.

Convert Views into Sales
Build detail pages with optimized content and powerful keywords to establish search relevance and emphasize brand messaging.

Improve Your Profitability
Analyze operations and processes to provide insight into metrics, mitigate chargeback risks, and boost your bottom line.

Identify Opportunity
Research Amazon categories and review your product catalog to pinpoint both positive and negative outcomes.

Onsite Support
Seattle-based LCM staff can meet Vendor Managers on the Amazon campus with you or on your behalf to iron out logistics issues, negotiate advertising deals, and more.

Build Your Brand and Grow

with Proven Strategies

To compete effectively — and even disrupt — established brands, you need to build and reinforce an identity that Amazon customers get to know, trust, and revisit for future purchases.

Using integrative, proven strategies, Lean Channel Management (LCM) will help you build brand presence on Amazon while increasing traffic, lifting sales conversion, and improving operational capacity to boost your profitability.

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Successful Partnerships

Since 2010 we have helped over 375 brands launch and succeed against the largest competitors that sell on the Amazon marketplace.

Who We Are

Lean Channel Management leverages over fifteen years working with Brands in the Amazon marketplace. We have world-class strategy, advertising, and content optimization capability to grow your business.