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Success Stories

Lean Channel Management has a lengthy track record of helping build brands and top-of-store products — including the #1 insect repellent and #1 women’s bike in the Sports and Outdoor store.

LCM has also helped navigate clients to successful conclusions through a variety of operational obstacles and emerging opportunities.

Even if you are already enjoying growth on Amazon, there is an excellent chance that LCM can accelerate your sales with the right information, insight, and expertise to make crucial decisions at the speed of Amazon.

Here are just some of our success stories.


Sawyer Products

A long-standing client of LCM, Sawyer’s business encompasses insect repellents, portable water filters, and outdoor first aid gear. To develop brand presence across these different product categories, LCM used the comparison table module available in A+ content to send customers to top-selling ASINs from other product lines, reinforcing Sawyer’s overall product mix.

This cross-marketing became important in early 2016 when the Zika Virus became widely known. LCM was able to message the full protective capabilities of Sawyer’s Picaridin topical repellent and Permethrin clothing repellent in keeping all family members protected from the Aedes aegypti mosquito on its other product lines.

LCM then utilized Amazon’s advertising platform (formerly AMS) to message the Zika effectiveness of the Picaridin and Permethrin repellents and drive traffic to the detail pages, helping establish Picaridin and Permethrin as top-tier products within Amazon’s Sporting Goods category.

Travis Avery, VP of Marketing and Public Relations — “The Zika virus is a serious health issue, and Sawyer wanted to be at the forefront of helping to prevent the transmission of these diseases. With LCM managing both our Amazon content and advertising, we were able to quickly get the word out about our repellent products and their effectiveness protecting against the Zika virus. We were already near the top of search relevance for insect repellents, but LCM’s work helped to cement our status at the top of Best Seller rankings for the entire category. During the season we enjoyed #1 product status in the entire Outdoors category. This boosted our sales significantly and resulted in off-season sales that were equivalent to last year’s on-season sales.”

See Sawyer's products on Amazon.

Life Saver Pool Fence

A manufacturer of secure, climb resistant, and removable mesh safety barriers for pools, Life Saver came to LCM with a problem — Amazon had erroneously applied a six-figure COOP charge due to adding a digit to a received amount (think 222 not 22) on a PO shipment. This occurred at the beginning of their high volume seasonal sales period. This COOP charge impacted their payables and would not resolve and Lifesaver was hard pressed to find someone at Amazon to support a resolution.

LCM worked directly with Amazon vendor managers to first remediate the error to get Life Saver back in business for their prime selling season. The COOP charge was remediated and Lifesaver was paid for their POs.

Eric Lupton, President — “Amazon’s PO mistake cost us dearly, causing our business with Amazon to shut down right at the time when our high season was about to kick into gear. Thanks to LCM’s negotiation with Amazon vendor managers, we were able to save our season and grow our sales with LCM’s full-scale content optimization and managed advertising campaigns.”

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