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PRO TIPS for Vendor Created Advertising

1) Pick a product that is already selling well on Amazon as your first choice.

2) Pick a product that is selling well nationally but needs some pump-priming as your second choice.

3) Make sure that Amazon has it in stock and you can deliver if the POs pick up.

4) Make sure that you can select the Amazon customer or segment that you market to. Don’t let Amazon pick if you can help it.

5) Make sure that your main image is AWESOME and optimized for a small image size. It needs to fill your image canvas as much as possible. The advertisement will be small! This gets you bonus points when someone shops on their phone or tablet.

6) Don’t make unsubstantiated claims in the advert title. Smallest, brightest don’t work. Small and bright work.

7) Test first with $100 and try it before you do the big spend.

8) Watch the metrics. Understand what they are. Impressions, detail page views, and click throughs all have different, very important meanings.

9) Consider the time period for the advert carefully if you have seasonal products. Pay attention to fitting into scheduled merchandising programs in your Amazon department.

10) Doing ads are easy. Doing effective advertising involves testing and measurement of success. If it all seems daunting, consider reaching out to someone to help navigate you through the process a few times.