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Last Minute Amazon Holiday Strategies (10 PRO TIPS)

There is an old saying at Amazon; “During Holiday the days are like weeks and the hours are like days…” This saying is far closer to the truth than it sounds. If you are an Amazon Vendor, depending on your category and the “giftability” of your product, you may be able to watch your daily sales rate rise at an incredible rate. Purchase Orders may come in from the blue, or you may be called by an Amazon employee asking you to expedite a shipment.

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PRO TIPS for Treating Amazon as a Customer

Amazon is called the 800 pound gorilla and an unfeeling machine, but the fact is they are a group of very smart people led by a unique individual with a unique vision. They have changed the world with their passion, technology, and hard work. Working smartly, you too can benefit from this amazing online marketplace. But you must treat Amazon as a customer.

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PRO TIPS for Contact Us Tickets

There are many times you will need to file a ticket through the “Contact Us” section on Vendor Central. Here are some Pro Tips that will help you get your issues solved in a timely, professional manner.

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