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Tips, Tricks, How-Tos & Rants for Amazon Vendors

Optimize Your Amazon New Item Setups on Vendor Central (10 PRO TIPS)

By Agen Schmitz 10 January 2017

New Year, new products! Back from holidays, and your company may be getting ready to load 2019 items on Loading products through the Amazon New Item Setup template can be deceivingly simple to do. Here are 10 Pro Tips to ensure you optimize your setup.

Avoid Amazon Lead-Time Chargebacks (10 PRO TIPS)

By LCM Team 07 July 2015

If you’ve sold directly to Amazon for at least a year then you know that Amazon loves to make continuous upgrades to their systems and processes. They continuously challenge themselves, and you to improve. Their recent changes to expected lead time and ship/delivery windows could have you scrambling to keep up, and frustrated with chargebacks for missing those windows.

Are You Ready to Be an Vendor? (10 PRO TIPS)

By LCM Team 17 March 2015

Your company may produce fantastic consumer products and want to get into North America’s largest online retailer, but unless you clearly know what you’re getting yourself into, you should properly prepare yourself for the process. It will be unlike working with any other retailer you have ever worked with, and there is potential risk if you aren’t ready and capable.

New Year’s Resolutions for Amazon Vendors (10 PRO TIPS)

By LCM Team 10 February 2015

The best way to improve on your 2014 sales in 2015 is to closely analyze your 2014 data. Identify deficiencies, seasonal growth patterns, marketing ROI, big forecasting changes, and much, much more. Amazon provides a plethora of sales metrics in Vendor Central–there’s no time like the present to use it.

Last Minute Amazon Holiday Strategies (10 PRO TIPS)

By LCM Team 18 November 2014

There is an old saying at Amazon; “During Holiday the days are like weeks and the hours are like days…” This saying is far closer to the truth than it sounds. If you are an Amazon Vendor, depending on your category and the “giftability” of your product, you may be able to watch your daily sales rate rise at an incredible rate. Purchase Orders may come in from the blue, or you may be called by an Amazon employee asking you to expedite a shipment.